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The Book

Each day over 27 million small business owners around the world open their doors to a feeling of overwhelm and confusion. They feel that panic because most have no idea how to grow their business’ profits.

The typical response is to work more hours, spend more money, offer more products, or adopt more marketing tactics. The irony is, “more” is rarely the solution. Consistent, measurable business growth doesn’t require radical overhauls, massive investments or huge transformations. It simply requires riding the momentum of small “10% Wins” in seven key areas of your business.

Told through the story of one business owner’s journey, Cadence lays out the framework known as “The 7 Levers,” and gives you an action plan you can cycle through, to exponentially grow your profits by achieving small wins in these seven areas. It’s time to work smarter, not harder. By the end of this book you’ll have all the tools you need to transform your business and find your rhythm – your cadence – on your journey to greater profits.


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by Pete Williams | Cadence - A Tale of Fast Business Growth

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Consider this a sequel to The Lean Startup. The “10% Wins” strategy will take your MVP to the next level. A must-read!

Nathan Chan Publisher of Foundr Magazine

Cadence is everything a business book should be: short, sharp and shareable.

Jon Acuff Author of Finish, Do Over and Start

Cadence is the perfect guide for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their company to the next level – fast. Pete Williams’ 7 Levers framework is an ingenious tool that will bring immediate, repeatable results to your business. Read this book this morning and implement the lessons this afternoon.

Mike Michalowicz Author of Profit First

Cadence is a must-read for any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to consistently and continually grow their business. It gives you more than growth “hacks” for small growth or wins – it gives you a complete framework that lets you leverage those small wins into major returns on your business.

Robert Allen Author of One Minute Millionaire and Multiple Streams of Income

I usually dread business books, but the power of this story hooked me and I found myself addicted. It’s such a fun and captivating story that the lessons of the book found their way into my daily business behaviors without my even trying.

Doug O’Brien Author of Step Up to Mastery and The User’s Guide to Sleight of Mouth

I checked out my family tree a few years ago to see it was full of employees. Not a small-business owner in sight. No wonder I have such respect for them. Starting one takes guts. Making one profitable take guts, brains and little luck. To minimize the luck factor, read Cadence. Now. Go.

Tim Reid Host of The Small Business Big Marketing Show

Whether you’re an entrepreneur whose business currently earns seven figures or a startup founder who has yet to start building your vision, you need to read this book. The strategies Pete shares will reframe your thinking and focus you on the areas most critical for growing your business.

Dr. Nicole Lipkin Author of What Keeps Leaders Up at Night

Cadence has the kind of magnetic flow that keeps you turning the page. It’s an engaging “must-read” for any entrepreneur or student wanting to learn what it takes to drive a business to new levels of profitability.

Alfred Deakin Professor Mike Ewing Executive Dean, Faculty of Business Law. Deakin University

The 7 levers are simple, but powerful. They have the ability to transform your business.

Scott Pape The Barefoot Investor

The impact of 10% Wins and the power of the 7 Levers framework is something that every business owner or growth hacker must embrace. It will make such a profound impact on your bottom line.

David Jenyns Author of Authority Content

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Meet Pete

Pete Williams is an entrepreneur, advisor and marketer who Forbes recently called, “one entrepreneur today that every marketer should be modelling,” while Inc. describes him as, “a savvy marketing strategist.”

A Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program, a Small Business ICON (Best-in-Class) Recipient, and an Australian Business Award Winner for Marketing Excellence, he is the co-founder of numerous businesses across varying industries—from telecommunications services to e-commerce.

Having been referred to as “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications, Pete first made a name for himself when, at age twenty-one, he sold Australia’s version of Yankee Stadium, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, for under $500—which you can read about in his first book, How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality (2007).

Pete’s companies include Infiniti Telecommunications,, SpringCom Telecommunications, and Preneur Group (, an advisory-consulting firm that guides business owners through the process of increasing profits, margins and other key indicators by using the 7 Levers approach to business growth.

Pete splits his time between Melbourne, Australia and California, USA with his wife Fleur and son Eli.

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